AMD Dual Core CPU's & HT Tech

Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at
Tue Jan 31 09:28:08 UTC 2006

ruscook wrote:

> I agree the AMD seem a superior chip at the moment but I don't
> think this last is true. The AMD chips perform as fast in 32 as
> 64 bit mode. It's my understanding that  only expanded address
> space and 64bit specific instructions will benefit from 64 bit mode.

Correct. 64bit CPU does not mean the CPU is able to run (excecuted
instructions) twice as fast as a 32bit CPU. That seems to a common
misconception. 64bit primarily means the ability to address more

More details can be found at

And yeah.. AMD64 kicks butt. Very impressive performance. (using it at
home and as server platforms at the office). :-)


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