Synaptics Touchpad problems

C Hamel yogich at
Mon Jan 30 20:55:29 UTC 2006

On Monday January 30 2006 14:18, Richard Dennis Colbert Jr. wrote:
> > I did find a pkg, 'tpconfig' that apparently replaces 'synaptics' though
> > I am uncertain, as yet, whether this actually fixes the problem.  I'm
> > still testing it as I am uncertain just what triggers the problem.   If
> > that could be fingered(tm) that out it should be easily reproducible.
> >
> > Thanks for the suggestion. :-)
> The last time I installed any flavor linux on a laptop was on a Compaq
> R3240US. I had the same problem with every flavor of linux I tried. The
> touchpad would act very weird. I never did find the problem, but I did
> manage to manually recompile the synaptics drive on that laptop and get
> it working. I threw in some tweaks in the process for horizontal and
> vertical scrolling using the touchpad. It worked perfectly once it was
> compiled on my machine. But that same driver wouldn't work for shit for
> anyone else. Just a thought!
> PS - A little Googling will tell you "how to recompile the synaptics
> driver" and might even land you some tweaks to throw in in the process.
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Hm!  That sounds interesting... now that I have it working I could perhaps do 
the same thing & measure the success w/the result I now have.  If it's as 
good or better I can use it. :-)


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