Triple-boot? -- XP Pro/ubuntu [or kubuntu]/Mandriva

Chuck Mattsen mattsen at
Mon Jan 30 19:17:47 UTC 2006

On Monday 30 January 2006 06:18, C Hamel wrote:
CH> 2. Make certain your existing menu.lst or grub.conf (or lilo conf file) 
CH> backed up.
CH> 3.  Install Ubuntu as you would any other distro and allow it to install 
CH> when it asks
CH> 4.  Add the lines from Ununtu's menu.lst or grub.conf file to your backed 
CH> file and adjust the partition references as necessary

Could I impose upon someone to dumb-down/break down steps 2 and 4 a bit more 
for me?  I envision myself mid process and facing just a command line with no 
bootable GUI, and this is my stopping point, I think.  Again, currently using 
lilo, but how to make sure the conf is accessible during the process, 
editable, etc.  To me, these things are still rather nebulous.

Otherwise, my fears are much allayed, but I need to have everything *really* 
spelled out before I jump in.  Sorry.

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