Un-Installing Ubuntu

Billy Pollifrone billy at silverbaseball.com
Sat Jan 28 07:32:36 UTC 2006

On 1/27/06, Dean Lee <deancihuy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently I have 2 OS installed at my laptop (XP & Ubuntu5.04--Intel), and
> because I really need to use extra space in my HD, I will need to uninstall
> the Ubuntu. Could someone help me in doing that since I have never done that
> before. Please give me the full steps necessary for doing that. =)
You will want to run a partition resizing program such as NTFSResize or
Partition Magic to reclaim the space that removing the Linux partition will
free up so that your Windows data is left intact.

You can continue to use Grub to boot the computer (although the linux option
will of course be useless), or you can use the Windows XP CD to enter the
recovery console and use FIXMBR command to install the Windows boot loader.
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