Bluecurve on Ubuntu Dapper Flight 3 PPC.

Brian Durant RoadTripDK at MyRealBox.Com
Thu Jan 26 21:50:38 UTC 2006

On 26. jan 2006, at 21.29, Jochen Skulj wrote:

> Hi Brian,
> Brian Durant schrieb:
>> I have been looking at a Bluecurve thread
>> <> in Ubuntu forums and
>> would like to try it out. The only thing is that they always refer to
>> i386 .rpm packages. Fedora comes out in a PPC version as well. I
>> actually have burned the Fedora Core 4 PPC .iso files to CD, so
>> Bluecurve PPC .rpm packages should be on them somewhere, or maybe
>> someone knows of an easier way to find the needed packages??? I  
>> want to
>> Bluecurve everything, but I don't want to end up mixing gtk1 and gtk2
>> packages if possible. Dapper  FLight 3 PPC is pretty stable, but I
>> dnon't want to add the straw that breaks the camel's back.
> there is another way to install Bluecurve on Ubuntu that might be  
> easier
> for you. On
> you can find a Debian package for Bluecurve (actually it's included in
> the tar.gz file that can be downloaded on this page). Don't install  
> the
> package like you are used to do - installing this package might  
> even not
> work on Debian itself. But you can open the deb file with file-roller
> and extract the included file data.tar.gz. This file contains the  
> Gnome
> theme and icon theme that can just be copied to the appropiate
> directories .themes/ and .icons/ in your home directory so that you  
> can
> use this theme (if you really want to use it, I personally *love*
> Ubuntu's Human theme).
> I didn't test this on Dapper but only on Breezy. I don't have a PPC,
> either, but I assume that this might not be important, since it's just
> another Gnome theme.
> Cheers, Jochen

Great idea.



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