About Nautilus + Gthumb usability in Ubuntu 5.10

David Hart ubuntu at tonix.org
Wed Jan 25 22:22:46 UTC 2006

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 09:29:11PM +0100, Luca Manganelli wrote:
> when I double click to a single image, it DOES NOT open eog, but
> Gthumb (2.7.1). And it is WITHOUT navigation commands (next or
> previous image), for example.

I've confirmed that behaviour in previous mails.
> I don't want Gthumb-for-stoopid-version, but Gthumb complete version
> (the same when I click from Application menu).

It's the same application but its behaviour has been altered when
opened with a single file.

If you want the old behaviour back you could either downgrade to the
version in breezy or you could try contacting the author of gthumb
to find out the reasons for the change and whether he would consider
changing the behaviour back.

I've changed the image viewer back to the default of eog as it now has
navigation buttons and opens quicker than gthumb.

David Hart <ubuntu at tonix.org>

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