About Nautilus + Gthumb usability in Ubuntu 5.10

Darryl Clarke smartssa at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 00:10:40 UTC 2006

On 25/01/06, Luca Manganelli <luca76 at gmail.com> wrote:
> To all:
> when I double click to a single image, it DOES NOT open eog, but
> Gthumb (2.7.1). And it is WITHOUT navigation commands (next or
> previous image), for example.
> I don't want Gthumb-for-stoopid-version, but Gthumb complete version
> (the same when I click from Application menu).

I agree.

But, until we can specify whether or not to use
"gthumb-for-stoopid-version" by default, while you are in that mode,
more properly known as "image view" mode, you can go into "directory
mode" by pressing Alt-End (or selecting "Go to the Image Folder" from
the file menu in "image view" mode.

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