Third ask: Breezy won't install

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Wed Jan 25 14:45:25 UTC 2006

I apologise Julio, Paul and Bry for not noticing that you'd replied to 
this thread. Thunderbird has no system for keeping me aware of replies 
to threads I've marked as important.

I appreciate the suggestion to try xubuntu and have also wondered about 
that. The problem is that the way my IP works means I have to log in via 
a browser on the machine to get on the net. I suppose I could do that 
with something DamnSmallLinux which I have somewhere.

About xubuntu, does it use the same xserver stuff? I'm wondering because 
if my graphics card is the problem and it doesn't work with breezy does 
that mean it won't work with xubuntu either?

Again thanks for the ideas...


PS: I'm trying with another PC now, even less success, see the new 
thread "Can't install breezy on Dell Dimension" - but probably nothing 
to do with Ubuntu. I might pinch the graphics card from that machine and 
try it again in the other one. Helping people out can be such a pain 
sometimes - I just said I'd throw a simple PC together for them to learn 
on, what a hassle...

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