Which is better? OSX or Ubuntu?

Terry Parker terry at parkerfamily.ws
Mon Jan 23 03:33:59 UTC 2006

>2. Your machine has USB 1.1, NOT 2.0. This means that your 120 GB HD
>will transfer files at a glacial pace (about 1 MB/sec MAX) compared to
>USB 2.0 or Firewire. If you can use Firewire (IEEE 1391) do so -- it's
>faster than USB 2.0 in real world situations (technically USB 2.0 is
>480 Mbps and Firewire is 400 Mbps but Firewire is a more robust
>protocol, better able to sustain data transfers).
I like USB 2.0 better, I suppose just personal preference. It gives me 
better results.


While the former statement is true, 1394 (1391 sic), will almost always
provide better throughput and has more flexible powering options (though USB
2.0 is catching up), what I really wonder about is Apple's commitment to
1394/firewire.  My brand spanking new $400 60GB Ipod comes with USB 2.0
connectors only and actually if you try to use a firewire/usb bridge to
charge it, they are saying you can damage the battery and lower its life
expectancy.  I'd say this is a sign that the point is moot and that USB 2.x
won out.

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