network restart

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Tue Jan 24 09:18:34 UTC 2006

Mike Kenny wrote:

> I occasionally need to switch my ethernet cable to a direct (ADSL) 
> connection rather than going through the corporate filrewalls (or not 
> as the case might be :-). With windows the configuration of eth0 it 
> update automatically when I switch cables, with various linuxes it may 
> be update automatically otherwise /etc/init.d/network restart 
> accomplishes this action.
> With Ubuntu 5.10, first there is no /etc/init.d/network, it seems to 
> ahve been replaced by /etc/init.d/networking and secondly this does 
> not bring up eth0. I am left with just lo0. A reboot with the same 
> cable connected brings the system up on the non-corporate n/w.
> Any ideas how I can accomplish automatically or at least without reboot?
> Mike 

Got to System => Administration => Networking. Then deactivate and 
reactivate the connection you want to restart.


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