Problems partitioning during install

Robert Aldridge bamarob55 at
Mon Jan 23 21:42:34 UTC 2006

I probably should have clarified a little more...  Thanks for all the

I was assuming that I could fdisk the drive during the install process.  I
can (and probably will) use a Live CD that contains GParted to wipe the
drive and try again.



On 1/23/06, Robert Aldridge <bamarob55 at> wrote:
> This probably isn't an Ubuntu-specific issue, but thought I'd start here
> to see if someone could help...
> My mom's Windows 98 PC is hosed, so I offered to put Ubuntu on it for
> her.  She mainly has the computer so the grandchildren can play simple games
> on it (No latest/greatest accelerated 3D stuff.  Just fun, simple games for
> the kids.)  So, I take an Ubuntu 5.10 install CD and boot from it.  When
> it gets to the point where it should bring up the "Partition Disks" screen,
> it seems to be detecting disks and the progress meter goes to 100%, then the
> same screen repeats but this time the progress meter only goes to 52% where
> it hangs.  I tried multiple times but couldn't get past this.  This is a
> stand-alone box that isn't connected to any network.  Does the installer
> need to pull something from the network to get the partitioner to work?  I
> couldn't imagine it having this limitation, but am tempted to take the PC
> back to my place and plug it in to my router during the install.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Robert
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