Problems partitioning during install

alex radsky at
Mon Jan 23 21:23:05 UTC 2006

Robert Aldridge wrote:

>This probably isn't an Ubuntu-specific issue, but thought I'd start here to
>see if someone could help...
>My mom's Windows 98 PC is hosed, so I offered to put Ubuntu on it for her.
>She mainly has the computer so the grandchildren can play simple games on it.

>(No latest/greatest accelerated 3D stuff.  Just fun, simple games for the
Did you attempt to fix Windows 98 before installing ubuntu?

> So, I take an Ubuntu 5.10 install CD and boot from it.  When it gets
>to the point where it should bring up the "Partition Disks" screen, it seems
>to be detecting disks and the progress meter goes to 100%, then the same
>screen repeats but this time the progress meter only goes to 52% where it
>hangs.  I tried multiple times but couldn't get past this.  This is a
>stand-alone box that isn't connected to any network.  Does the installer
>need to pull something from the network to get the partitioner to work?  I
>couldn't imagine it having this limitation, but am tempted to take the PC
>back to my place and plug it in to my router during the install.
>Any suggestions will be appreciated.
It seems that the  computer was in bad shape before you tried to 
install  ubuntu.
1. Did you leave the 'hosed' Windows 98 on the HD?  If you did, why?
2. Did you try using ubuntu's 'Live CD'.  How did it go?
2. What prep work did you do before starting to install ubuntu?
3. Is there any reason why you can't completely 'clean' the hard drive
   before installing ubuntu?
I've found that some kids' games can really mess up a computer.


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