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john levin john at
Mon Jan 23 20:35:40 UTC 2006

Hi Wade,

Wade Smart wrote:
> 01232006 1415 GMT-6
> I used to use the Mozilla calender but its no longer available. I just 
> read that its built into firefox and thunderbird but you have to specify 
> that in the build process.
> What a hassle.
> I know there is Evolution but that is a lot of trouble just for the cal 
> function.
> Any good calenders you guys/gals know of?

Erm, I don't understand this. If you want to install the mozilla 
calendar, you can install it from as an extension, to 
either firefox or Thunderbird. Build process doesn't come into it.

Alternatively, there is 'mozilla calendar' in the universe repositories, 
although that requires the mozilla-browser.

And finally, there is Sunbird 0.3a, available from mozilla as a 
standalone app. Be warned: it's an alpha and under development.

Personally, I use the Firefox xpi extension, and it works fine.



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