Mysql install help

Peter Lieverdink ubuntu at
Mon Jan 23 08:58:02 UTC 2006

Billy Verreynne (JW) wrote:
> Jeremiah Foster wrote:
>> Rubbish. MySQL is the leading open source database
>> for a reason. It is fast and rock solid.
> Not too mention that it does not scale (mySQL clusters are a joke),
> does not provide proper read consistency and multi version
> concurrency, etc. etc.
>>> If you need a -proper- database that is not only free, but is part
> of
>>> the leading technical database product suite on this planet, get
>>> Oracle XE.
>> More rubbish. Is that database GPL'd?
> No. GPL is not the be-all and end-all.
>> Can Oracle change it any time it wants?
> Point being?
>> Does it use the InnoDB - which is the same engine as MySQL which
>> Oracle bought?
> Thank heavens not!
>> I'd rather not think about Access at all.
> Missing the point. What makes Access so popular? Ease of use. Ease
> with which applications can created. Etc.
>>> And Oracle XE works out-of-the-rpm on Ubuntu. And is -totally-
> free.

Money. Not speech.

> Why? There is not a -single- sound and solid business or technical
> reason to backup that statement.

Try this one then:

"US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert TA06-018A -- Oracle Products
Contain Multiple Vulnerabilities"

You can't patch your non-free Oracle XE to fix these issues. All you can
do is wait for Oracle to fix them for you, and hope they let you know
when they do.

Now you're going to say a normal user won't patch mysql, so that's a
moot point, but ANY mysql user can patch the problem and send the patch
off to MySQL AB and have it fixed. Much nicer model, no? The whole point
of FOSS.

With mysql on ubuntu, a fixed version will be installed when available
and the user doesn't really need to worry about it. Same goes for
postgresql, so you haven have _choice_.

Anyway, did Wade get his setup working? That was the whole point of the
exercise, was it not?

- P.

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