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Billy Verreynne (JW) VerreyB at
Mon Jan 23 08:05:09 UTC 2006

Derek Broughton wrote:

>>> It comes with HTMLDB which is a full blown web development system
>>> that only needs a web browser for developers to do their thing.
>>> (think of Microsoft Access on steroids, running via the web).
>> I'd rather not think about Access at all.
>Heavens, no!  It doesn't sound that impressive!

Knee jerk reaction. Think again. MS Access has several features that
is why it is so popular. It is exactly these features (ability to
easily design applications using WIMP) that HTMLDB provides. Doing all
the complex web stuff (like state management, optimistic locking for
stateless clients, etc) for you behind the scenes.

I have done complex web sites in HTMLDB in days, which would have
taken weeks to do using the more traditional methods (like Perl, PHP,
J2EE, etc).

Best of all, with HTMLDB I do not have to worry about web developers
complete screwing up on the Oracle side because they are fricken
clueless about fundemental and elementary concepts like bind

>> And Oracle XE works out-of-the-rpm on Ubuntu.
> Not on mine it didn't (otoh, Oracle 10g v1 did).

It does on mine. I untarred the Oracle XE RPM (for RedHat), moved it
into the standard directory structures I use for OFA (Oracle Flexible
Architecture) standards and it worked.


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