Dapper Flight 3: update-notifier insists on restart

paul cooke paul.cooke100 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jan 22 17:26:48 UTC 2006

On Sunday 22 January 2006 01:08, Raymond Lillard wrote:
> I have limited experience with Ubuntu and no experience with Debian,
> but a decade of experience with Linux -- mostly Redhat and Gentoo.
> A client asked me to look into Ubuntu as a desktop so I loaded the
> latest test release I could find which seems to be as above.
> I have loaded it on a spare disk for my Dell D810 laptop.  The
> basic installation went smoothly enough.  After I was done with
> the first batch of updates I restarted the system.  Since then
> "update-notifier" process tells me that a "Restart is Required"
> each time I start the system.  The icon shows the recycle arrows.
> I am assuming this is due to some discombobulation lingering from
> the initial update and not a problem with the notifier itself.
> I have restarted the system many times, for this, and many other
> unrelated reasons.  I have installed quite a few applications
> with "Synaptic Package Manager" and as well as from tarballs.
> Save this little annoyance, the system seems to be operating
> flawlessly.
> There is no manpage for the notifier that I can find, so does
> anybody know what the "update-notifier" is looking for and how
> can I repair this.  I can download the sources and tear into
> this if need be, but I'm hoping someone can save me the time
> and trouble.

as far as I can tell, there's a flag file set in /var/run called 

I've just done an update immediately after installing flight 3 and the "flag" 
was present immediately after closing update manager. I've since rebooted
and it's no longer there...

perhaps something is supposed to delete during the boot sequence?

I've turned off update notifier now anyway as before during Breezy testing, it 
was possible to be caught out with a borked system... I usually did the 
update about once a fortnight when there were no reports of major borkage on 
the mailing list.

> Thanks for your time.
> Regards,
> Ray
> PS  I'm rather impressed at the polish of Ubuntu.  I've been
>      wondering what all the fuss was about.

The new Dapper install was amazing. I've never had an install before that 
automatically set up X correctly with no input from me. All I had to do was 
choose to wipe the entire disk, then pick a "name" for the box and supply 
user details and password...

I can remember many fraught moments praying that the X config wouldn't bork my 
monitor... Mind you, that was several years ago :)

All I want now is some repository info so I can pull down xubuntu and get back 
to xfce... the box I'm running dapper on has only 128MB of ram... rather 
scanty for Gnome these days.

'tis pity the forums are down at the moment.

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