Well, Windows is back on the disk.

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Richard Colbert Jr wrote:

>"Do you believe that a free market, world wide, would permit MS or any other
>company to enjoy a multi-billion USD monthly sales volume without it
>providing products that people desire to have?"
>So your saying that Microsoft makes billions monthly because people DESIRE
>THEIR CRAP! I don't think so! Everybody I know will tell you they ONLY USE
>a.) They don't want to learn something else (like Linux)
>b.) Because they have to use it at work
>c.) Because people/businesses they deal with use it
>d.) or because they are too stupid know they have a choice
you don't know many people then.

>I would be hard pressed to find anyone I know that USES IT BECAUSE THEY LIKE
I wouldn't.

>As far me, I still use Microsoft products, not by choice, but rather because
>I am too fracking lazy to teach myself the intricacies of Linux. However,
>thanks to Ubuntu that is changing. I am steadily tweaking my iMac (running
>Breezy Badger) and as soon as I get all the software, games and tools I need
>running on it, I will switch to it FULL TIME while I get my main computer
>(the one I am typing on now) ridden of Microsoft.
>I am tired of the MS BS like them knowing there are SERIOUS FLAWS and they
>DO NOTHING TO PATCH THEM until it HITS THE MEDIA. WTF! Can you imagine how
>SCREWED HUMANITY would be if all businesses operated like that?
a) not very
b) RedHat, Suse, and Ximian commisioned a study which found that 
Microsoft updates are not less frequent than linux ones. (Probably not 
the conclusion they were looking for) Microsoft release many patches for 
even more bugs. Only a handful ever hit the media.

>What if the US Postal Service discovered the glue in their stamps was
>poisoning people, but they didn't do anything about it until it hit the news
>that 10,000 people had died from exposure to contaminated stamps. You think
>that bird would fly? Hell no! But MS gets away with JUST THAT THINKING EVERY
quit ranting, it's becoming boring. Either learn your facts or be quiet.

>Richard Colbert
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>I am very pleased with Ubuntu. It offers software and functionality that is
>not otherwise available or available only at significant cost.
>The concept of "complaint" can be interpreted as inquiry, request for new
>features, bug reports, or even dissatisfaction with the language of an
>instruction. Very experienced people interpret such input and adjust the
>product when an adjustment best serves the majority of users without
>creating special "differences" throughout the OS of throughout thousands of
>programs that run on MS, Linux, or any other commercial operating system.
>Is WIN better than Ubuntu or vice-versa?  They are as different as apples
>and oranges -- even thought both have GUI user interfaces. Both will be
>around for a long time and both will get better -- more powerful -- easier
>to install -- easier to use.
>Windows has never been free -- on a new machine or by any other means. The
>cost is paid by hardware manufacturer and passed along to buyers in an
>apparently transparent manner. Some persons turn on their computer and
>object to the MS EULA and apply for a refund of the cost of the OS in their
>deal and they usually get a refund - laws provide for such an option if the
>user did not forfeit it in their sale/purchase agreement.
>In response to another issue -- the claim that MS only supports XP is
>absolutely incorrect. All of the WINDOWS operating systems and office
>products are upgradeable to the latest security fixes and bug fixes (but you
>cannot move to later OS or to higher priced alternatives from say WIN98,
>98SE, or WIN_ME to such as XP, WINDOWS 2000, or WIN XP Professional without
>purchasing them).
>It was said in an earlier post of this thread that a reinstall of MS to cure
>OS problems overwrites all personal files on the disk. No so! In fact, a
>reinstall of the OS on a working system ordinarily will not overwrite OS
>files of a later date than those on the disk that came with a machine or
>came out of a shrink wrapped software box, if purchased separately. A
>restore point can be set in MS products, at any time or at any stage of
>stable operation, but normally it's done after properly installing new
>software or hardware. If new software causes problems and cannot be
>'uninstalled' the machine can be rolled back to the last set restore point
>or to an earlier set restore point -- and walla, offending software will be
>ignored and it will not struggle with new hardware if it is removed from the
>system. A sidebar to that -- if you install software that corrupts your OS
>and you were not warned of such risk in the EULA -- you should sue the
>vendor of that product.
>You can, with a little perseverance, talk to a MS technician about problems
>with your MS software. There is a continuous stream of updates coming out of
>MS. If you use any of their products, [t is wise to know about their update
>system and how to use it.
>I am not trolling for WINDOWS.  If you make an argument for Ubuntu or any
>other Linux product, it is good to have the facts right so credibility is
>not lost with WINDOWS users. Most WIN users know they can update at any time
>they choose and they know they can talk with an MS tech when appropriate.
>Do you believe that a free market, world wide, would permit MS or any other
>company to enjoy a multi-billion USD monthly sales volume without it
>providing products that people desire to have?
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>| > Dick Davies wrote:
>| > > On 17/01/06, Lionel <lionelv at gmail.com> wrote:
>| > >
>| > >>  You are
>| > >> getting it for FREE. You are getting it for FREE. A lot of
>| people put a
>| > >> lot of hard work into Linux and get nothing in return,
>| consider yourself
>| > >> lucky that people are out there trying.
>| > > So because it's free, you're aren't allowed to complain about it?
>| > > That' s a very silly argument. Try drinking sewer water, but
>| please don't
>| > > complain about the typhoid.
>| >
>| > That's a very silly statement because using linux is a choice as is
>| > drinking sewer water.
>| The idea that just because something is free you shouldn't be allowed
>| to complain about its quality is nonsense. Windows comes free with a
>| lot of PCs but that doesnt' mean it's beyond reproach. I get free
>| junk mail.
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