Well, Windows is back on the disk.

Richard Colbert Jr richard at venuspcservice.com
Thu Jan 19 01:41:53 UTC 2006

"Do you believe that a free market, world wide, would permit MS or any other
company to enjoy a multi-billion USD monthly sales volume without it
providing products that people desire to have?"

So your saying that Microsoft makes billions monthly because people DESIRE
THEIR CRAP! I don't think so! Everybody I know will tell you they ONLY USE

a.) They don't want to learn something else (like Linux)
b.) Because they have to use it at work
c.) Because people/businesses they deal with use it
d.) or because they are too stupid know they have a choice

I would be hard pressed to find anyone I know that USES IT BECAUSE THEY LIKE

As far me, I still use Microsoft products, not by choice, but rather because
I am too fracking lazy to teach myself the intricacies of Linux. However,
thanks to Ubuntu that is changing. I am steadily tweaking my iMac (running
Breezy Badger) and as soon as I get all the software, games and tools I need
running on it, I will switch to it FULL TIME while I get my main computer
(the one I am typing on now) ridden of Microsoft.

I am tired of the MS BS like them knowing there are SERIOUS FLAWS and they
DO NOTHING TO PATCH THEM until it HITS THE MEDIA. WTF! Can you imagine how
SCREWED HUMANITY would be if all businesses operated like that?

What if the US Postal Service discovered the glue in their stamps was
poisoning people, but they didn't do anything about it until it hit the news
that 10,000 people had died from exposure to contaminated stamps. You think
that bird would fly? Hell no! But MS gets away with JUST THAT THINKING EVERY




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I am very pleased with Ubuntu. It offers software and functionality that is
not otherwise available or available only at significant cost.

The concept of "complaint" can be interpreted as inquiry, request for new
features, bug reports, or even dissatisfaction with the language of an
instruction. Very experienced people interpret such input and adjust the
product when an adjustment best serves the majority of users without
creating special "differences" throughout the OS of throughout thousands of
programs that run on MS, Linux, or any other commercial operating system.

Is WIN better than Ubuntu or vice-versa?  They are as different as apples
and oranges -- even thought both have GUI user interfaces. Both will be
around for a long time and both will get better -- more powerful -- easier
to install -- easier to use.

Windows has never been free -- on a new machine or by any other means. The
cost is paid by hardware manufacturer and passed along to buyers in an
apparently transparent manner. Some persons turn on their computer and
object to the MS EULA and apply for a refund of the cost of the OS in their
deal and they usually get a refund - laws provide for such an option if the
user did not forfeit it in their sale/purchase agreement.

In response to another issue -- the claim that MS only supports XP is
absolutely incorrect. All of the WINDOWS operating systems and office
products are upgradeable to the latest security fixes and bug fixes (but you
cannot move to later OS or to higher priced alternatives from say WIN98,
98SE, or WIN_ME to such as XP, WINDOWS 2000, or WIN XP Professional without
purchasing them).

It was said in an earlier post of this thread that a reinstall of MS to cure
OS problems overwrites all personal files on the disk. No so! In fact, a
reinstall of the OS on a working system ordinarily will not overwrite OS
files of a later date than those on the disk that came with a machine or
came out of a shrink wrapped software box, if purchased separately. A
restore point can be set in MS products, at any time or at any stage of
stable operation, but normally it's done after properly installing new
software or hardware. If new software causes problems and cannot be
'uninstalled' the machine can be rolled back to the last set restore point
or to an earlier set restore point -- and walla, offending software will be
ignored and it will not struggle with new hardware if it is removed from the
system. A sidebar to that -- if you install software that corrupts your OS
and you were not warned of such risk in the EULA -- you should sue the
vendor of that product.

You can, with a little perseverance, talk to a MS technician about problems
with your MS software. There is a continuous stream of updates coming out of
MS. If you use any of their products, [t is wise to know about their update
system and how to use it.

I am not trolling for WINDOWS.  If you make an argument for Ubuntu or any
other Linux product, it is good to have the facts right so credibility is
not lost with WINDOWS users. Most WIN users know they can update at any time
they choose and they know they can talk with an MS tech when appropriate.

Do you believe that a free market, world wide, would permit MS or any other
company to enjoy a multi-billion USD monthly sales volume without it
providing products that people desire to have?


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| > Dick Davies wrote:
| > > On 17/01/06, Lionel <lionelv at gmail.com> wrote:
| > >
| > >>  You are
| > >> getting it for FREE. You are getting it for FREE. A lot of
| people put a
| > >> lot of hard work into Linux and get nothing in return,
| consider yourself
| > >> lucky that people are out there trying.
| > > So because it's free, you're aren't allowed to complain about it?
| > > That' s a very silly argument. Try drinking sewer water, but
| please don't
| > > complain about the typhoid.
| >
| > That's a very silly statement because using linux is a choice as is
| > drinking sewer water.
| The idea that just because something is free you shouldn't be allowed
| to complain about its quality is nonsense. Windows comes free with a
| lot of PCs but that doesnt' mean it's beyond reproach. I get free
| junk mail.
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