Adding nVidia PCI card to system

Marc Zuverink marc_zuverink at
Wed Jan 18 16:19:21 UTC 2006

Recently switched from Mandriva to Ubuntu and have a situation regarding 
nVidia cards.
In Mandriva my PCI nVidia GForce2 MX 400 was automatically configured 
properly by the installer and I had no problems.  When installing Ububtu 
the installer froze up and would not finish the installation after the 
detection stage of hardware.  The screen would go black with a 
non-blinking cursor, and the system would freeze up.  The install would 
not finish and I would have to restart.   The restart would result in an 
unfinish/incomplete install.
I removed the card and reinstalled relying on the onboard Intel graphics 
and had no problems.
However I would now like to reinsert the nvidia pci card, but am unsure 
of the process.
Could someone please help me out with this?


~marc <marc_zuverink at>

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