Well, Windows is back on the disk.

J.Markoll j.markoll at free.fr
Tue Jan 17 11:43:35 UTC 2006

Sasha Tsykin a écrit :
> J.Markoll wrote:
>> Lonn a écrit :
>>> In the initial 'user' stages WINDOWS is easiest and most
>>> functional.....
>>> Lonn
>> Not necessarily! I started whith Windows because no Linux are available
>> in the boxes I think.
>> As I has almost no training preceedingly, the problems started very 
>> fast, .....
> There are of course windows horror stories, but the vast majority of 
> times, it is more polished and tends to be easier both to set up and use.
> Sasha
Well thanks to Linux community and what I learned from it, the problem 
was not only Windows but the ignorance I was carrying, and also a great 
luck that the material was not perfect. (a luck, to push me on the way 
to learn)

For the material side of the problem, the BIOS needed to be updated, the 
flat cables where those furnished with the mother board but where 
rotten, something in the BIOS had to be changed (a sata port enabled 
whereas the HDD is IDE).

For the soft side, I could see the spyware/firewall software starting a 
scan suddenly, just while I was running a task, and I could'nt do 
anything about it. It was lasting at least 30 minutes.

Then the system was bothering with the key activation, then with an 
update to do, then, with a new virus that had to be checked out on the 
website of the company that works with Asus and furnishes the 
anti-virii/firewall in the box. Very good company, ok. What a lost of 
time! I forgot to say I was running the defrag tool very carefully once 
a week. Half an hour at least too. And the scan to clean the fs...

Once a while I could see new files that I didn't create appearing in 'my 
documents'. The file was generated by the printer pilot or something 
like that. I was not happy to see something I didn't put myself there 
and I thought it was a malware so I threw it without really knowing what 
I was doing ':-))

A good experience, that I would not want to renew :D

If I'd ever need an app under Windows, I'd put it behing a gateway 
running under a *nix system, and even not too long so I would't have to 
activate the key. I also have an OEM that I don't use anymore, I stare 
at the CD once in a while ;)

 >> No Ubuntu Linux available in the boxes ?!
 >> That's a bug! Should I report it ? :)

Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

PS: I had a XP Family, on a Asus 2800xp+ Motherboard with a Via KT600 
chipset and the AMD proc goes 1667MHz.

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