Well, Windows is back on the disk.

J.Markoll j.markoll at free.fr
Tue Jan 17 10:18:00 UTC 2006

Lonn a écrit :
> In the initial 'user' stages WINDOWS is easiest and most
> functional. In the later stages of learning and experience, Linux is still
> difficult, but offers more freedom because users are forced to learn much of
> its structure and functionality -- which they can then turn to better
> advantage than is possible with MS products.
> Lonn
Not necessarily! I started whith Windows because no Linux are available
in the boxes I think.
As I has almost no training preceedingly, the problems started very 
fast, and I hated having to wait days and days for the man who sold me 
the machine, I hated staring at him while he was browsing in the system 
doing things that I couldn't understand and reproduce.

So one can start from scratch at once on Linux, the only thing to 
succeed is to find fast the right documentation, the right virtual 
places to get help, and/or a good book really thought for starting 
people (with no dum titles prefered).

When more computer will be sold with Linux distributions/or dual boot,
this will be nice. Some places started selling with Mandrake, btw. (In 
some hypermarkets).

No Ubuntu Linux available in the boxes ?!
That's a bug! Should I report it ? :)
Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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