Can't configure an Epson C80 printer!

Rob Blomquist rob at
Mon Jan 16 22:23:07 UTC 2006

On Sunday 15 January 2006 11:42 pm, J.Markoll so eloquently stated:

> > So then why does it not work for me???? That is all I want to know.

OK, so after installing Gnome tonight, KDE was able to pseudo connect to the 
printer. It complains during setup:

Unable to load the requested driver:
Unable to create the Foomatic driver [Epson-Stylus_C80,gimp-print]. Either 
that driver does not exist, or you don't have the required permissions to 
perform that operation.

Now, heeding that, I struggled along with it, and was able to print very clean 
postscript info on the Cups test page.

What "driver" is it looking for (I understand drivers are for windows, modules 
are for Linux)? Maybe one that I could grab from

Any more thoughts? 


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