Can't configure an Epson C80 printer!

J.Markoll j.markoll at
Tue Jan 17 17:13:05 UTC 2006

Rob Blomquist a écrit :
> On Sunday 15 January 2006 11:42 pm, J.Markoll so eloquently stated:
> KDE was able connect
> It complains during setup:
> Unable to load the requested driver:
> Unable to create the Foomatic driver [Epson-Stylus_C80,gimp-print]. Either 
> that driver does not exist, or you don't have the required permissions to 
> perform that operation.
The permissions should probably be checked first when a message like 
this comes
out, but ...  In the:
$cat /etc/group

I don't see where the permissions for printer stands, if someone could
teach us something, there ? the only clue that could look like it,
belong to the dialout group, and have also cupsys in it ?
That's what I've got in this file.

> Now, heeding that, I struggled along with it, and was able to print very clean 
> postscript info on the Cups test page.
good start. Did you try with OpenOffice ?

> What "driver" is it looking for (I understand drivers are for windows, modules 
> are for Linux)? Maybe one that I could grab from
driver and module is the same brand of software.
Greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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