Can Ubuntu handle winmodems?

Stu Green stugreen at
Tue Jan 17 02:54:46 UTC 2006

J.Markoll wrote:

> Senectus . a écrit :
>> On 1/14/06, J. Kaplowitz <jfkap14 at> wrote:
>>> Can Ubuntu 5.10 auto-configure winmodems?  The answer is NOT "Buy a 
>>> serial port
>>> modem."  Before I invest any time with Ubuntu, I need it to work 
>>> with my
>>> hardware.  Thanks.
>> You may need to follow the instructions here:
>> to find that out.
> If it is not possible or if no pilot exists, you might invest in a cable
> to connect to a gateway. That's what I'm doing for my laptop that 
> don't have a serial port and no pilot available for it's winmodem (one 
> existed, it was fit for 2.2 kernel and was described as functionning 
> averagely bad, then I decided to try, but the link was dead... )
> Winmodem pilots have to be fit to the kernel. Kernels versions run 
> faster than winmodem pilots.
> I don't know the correct word for this cable. It's fit for this use.
> It is very cheap, too and most efficient, with an easy to run procedure
> (with ipmasq on the gateway, I even ran it several days in a row with 
> Knoppix running the gateway... ).
> (French: "cable croisé", if someone knows the right english expression)
> Greetings, Joyce Markoll.
> ,
That's probably a crossover cable, Joyce.  Thanks for the enthusiasm you 
bring to the list.

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