Let's face it. Windows does do some thing better.

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> > My sentiments exactly. My wife still runs XP and while she is interested at times in Linux, there is no way I would put it on her machine. She is used to running almost ANY video/audio file without problems. She is used to logging onto CNN and watching Videos automatically, she is used to watching movie trailers full-screen if she want to, she is used to being able to use Nero's clean clear interface to burn the odd CD, she is used to not having problems with many websites Linux/Firefox/Opera etc cannot handle perfectly. HOWEVER I still have to run the spyware removal programs, and fix the odd problem for her.
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> > Windows XP is miles ahead of almost any Linux in the day to day operations 90% of the people I know need.
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> > And no I am not a Windows troll. I have been running Linux ranging from Slackware to Mepis to Debian to Ubuntu for 3 years. I don't dual boot. But I figure one machine running Windows is plenty in this house. It works for her as Linux works for me 95% of the time.
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> I'd have to disagree with you.
> _Windows_ does nothing better than Linux.

   Windows handling of multi-media is **miles** ahead of Linux handling.

> It's the fact that there is _so_ much written for Windows, and the
> fact that the standard is a Windows standard that keeps people from
> swapping over.
  Quantity is not quality. GIMP can stand shoulder to shoulder with PhotoShop...but there is a lot of crap software in both camps

> I'd put good money on the fact that if the standards used in computing
> were opened up, we'd see a _massive_ shift in the market.

   You and I will both be dead before that happens. Unless some marketing genius gets a hold of Linux, I fear it will always be an also-ran. (Sorry Mark) But maybe that ain't so bad ...

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