Best tools for making DVD Video?

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Tue Jan 17 02:34:21 UTC 2006

Zach wrote:

>I've been exploring tools available for linux, and in Ubuntu
>repositories in particular, for making Video DVDs with menus and
>chapters.  I find there seems to be a dizzying array of options for
>video editing & DVD creation, with a lot of overlap, so I'm wondering
>what others are using.
>I'm wondering what the best tool or tools (few as possible) would be
>for the following requirements:
>--I already have video sources, so no capture is necessary
>--I'd like to be able to mark commercials so that:
>     --The commercials can be cut out and
>     --Chapter marks will be placed where the commercials were
>     --(Auto commercial detection is NOT a requirement)
>--In some cases, transcode or reincode the video to the proper
>resolution and/or video codec
>--Have multiple episodes of a show available on a disc, so menus are a must
>--Have some control over menu style such as layout, font, background
>(looping sound would be nice).
>Any advice from those who have already put the pieces together would
>be much appreciated!
>Zach C.
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I would recommend using tovid or ffmpeg to convert to mpeg. My favourite 
is either the command:

for pal:
tovid -pal -dvd-vcd -in <input video> -out <output prefix>
ffmpeg -i <input video> -target pal-dvd -s 352x288 <ouput video>

Replace pal with ntsc if you live in the USA.

For the editting, use avidemux.

For the menus I would use either dvdauthor or DVDStyler. Both are very 
good programs which are very easy to use.


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