Is Ubuntu The One ?

Sasha Tsykin stsykin at
Mon Jan 16 12:15:20 UTC 2006

Xn Nooby wrote:

> I just started using Ubuntu, and it seems to be put together really 
> well.  My unix skills are limited, but I was able to get Firefox, 
> Flash, Java, and Realplayer to work.  I was able to install VMWare 
> 5.5, Anjuta, VLC, nvidia driver, gqview, and some other apps I found.  
> Everything seems to work as advertised.
> A friend of mine replaced his college kids laptop Windows with Ubuntu, 
> because they kept getting zillions of virii.  A couple of really smart 
> Unix people I know are moving from Debian to Ubuntu, not because its 
> simple, but because its less work for them.  Ubuntu has also dominated 
> Distrowatch for about a year.
> It looks like Ubuntu could be the version of linux many people have 
> been waiting for, one put together well enough to really break out and 
> in to the mainstream of computing (as in several % marketshare).  Some 
> people think Apple is poised to reclaim marketshare as Microsoft 
> stagnates, I think if that happens, Linux will also.  The hardware 
> requirements for Microsofts next OS will undoubtly drive more people 
> towards linux. 
> Does anyone else forsee explosive Ubuntu growth in the coming year?
I don't agree that Microsoft's new OS will drive people to Linux, 
firstly because the hardware necessary to run it is fairly common now, 
and secondly, because it will take several years to become prevalent. 
For the moment XP will remain dominant. Secondly, the movement of 
experienced linuxers to Ubuntu says nothign about the movement of people 
from Windows because it is easy for the first and very hard for the 
second. Thirdly, as someone who moved to linux abotu a year ago, and 
Ubuntu about 9 months ago, I can tell you that the learning curve is 
still unfortunately quite steap.

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