Ubuntu is not Firefox friendly

'Forum Post ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Jan 15 23:06:12 UTC 2006

I use Firefox 1.0.7 and it randomly crashes on me, normally when I go to
save an image.  I've also had a weird bug where I'll enter text into a
dialog box and it either doesn't display or it's off screen (I'll move
focus to the search bar and I see the text entry field (no icon) and
the text I'll enter about 3/4 down the windows...that I can't
consistently reproduce.

There's also something annoying that I've seen in all Gecko-based
browsers on every distribution I've used, and it's where a line (of
several lines) of text in a page isn't properly displayed.  it's like a
few vertical pixels vanished from each character along a straight line
and the two halves (top and bottom) were moved closer together to not
provide a gap.  Minimizing and restoring the window fixes this, as does
scrolling the offending line off-screen and scrolling it back on.

I don't recall it ever happening in the Windows version of Firefox.


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