Ubuntu is not Firefox friendly

Mehdi Hassanpour mehdi.public at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 13:20:27 UTC 2006

This should be the Ubuntu issue I think, I've tested Firefox 1.5 on some
other distros also without any problem
I didn't have such problem with Hoary also...

And about the Opera, Yes I've heared alot but I don't like commercial

Has any one test Mozilla suite or SeaMonkey or Deerpark on Breezy ?

On 1/15/06, Konstantin Klein <kkl at worldwideklein.net> wrote:
> I made the switch to Opera recently on my Kubuntu Breezy laptop
> > There are plenty of other browsers. Mozilla suite, opera (i have heard
> > that this one can be a nightmare)
> which is why I stayed away from it for a long time. Now I find that
> version 8.51 is fast, stable (much more so than Firefox 1.0.7 on Kubuntu -
> I haven't tried 1.5 yet) and is a great tool when it comes to quick email
> (faster than KMail on IMAP accounts) and newsfeeds (faster and more
> comfortable than Akregator) reading. I made Opera my default
> browser/mailer/newsreader for the time being.
> The only thing I had to do was not to download the Debian version of Opera
> but the one that comes compiled with Qt.
> Konstantin
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