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Sun Jan 15 15:38:13 UTC 2006

Ronny Haryanto Wrote: 
> On Sunday 15 January 2006 03:17, 'Forum Post, '
> wrote:

> > Gimp works, but i have to do it picture for picture.

> >

> > I have 64 images to go.... i dont like the idea that i have to do 50

> > images next week again..... so i am searching for the batch-method.

> >

> > I can resize, but not a group of images.


> If you have imagemagick installed, you can cook a short bash script
> utilising 

> 'mogrify', like so (adjust seasoning to your liking):


> for img in *.jpg; do echo $img; mogrify -resize 640x480 $img; done


Oke.... I have imagemagick installed... but cant find a start-button or
something. I guess its not a executable program like firefox/gimp etc?

You tell me that i have to type the above.

But where? In the main console???? 

Should i first direct to the map containing the images?

If yes... tell me.

I'am (still) new to Linux and dont have the console into my hands.
Mouse is more my way :P

Ronny Haryanto Wrote: 

> Run 'mogrify -help' for more options. Other useful program from
> imagemagick 

> that I use quite often is 'convert'.


So it hasnt a real program?.... strange

Ronny Haryanto Wrote: 

> Ciao,


> Ronny




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