SATA disk not recognised by Breezy

Phillip Susi psusi at
Sat Jan 14 18:51:52 UTC 2006

I believe that your motherboard actually has two ide controllers on it.  
One is the conventional controller on the southbridge, and the other is 
the sis sata raid chip, which supports both pata and sata.  There seems 
to be a problem with recent kernels in dealing with both sata and pata 
on the same chip, so try connecting your pata drives to the controller 
on the southbridge. 

Chris Bamford wrote:

> Hi - I've recently bought an ASUS Vintage-AE1 bare bone system and 
> installed Breezy Badger on it.  All aspects of the system work fine 
> except the SATA disk which is recognised by the BIOS, but not seen at 
> all by Ubuntu.  The BIOS supports the following configuration options 
> for the onboard PCI SATA Controller:
>    * disabled
>    * native
>    * RAID by ROM
> None of these seem to help.
> I have checked the mailing list and searched the Ubuntu bugzilla but 
> have had no joy.
> The system chipset is the SIS 760GX and supports Serial ATA RAID.
> The disk is a MAXTOR 6L250S0 250Gb drive.
> Frustratingly, if I boot from a Tom's Root Boot CD, the disk is 
> visible as /dev/hde, so I know it does work!  I am assuming that 
> Ubuntu is either not loading the correct driver or having a problem 
> initialising it.  I attach the dmesg bootlog from Ubuntu.
> Please can anyone advise?
> Thanks
> Chris

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