Cannot load module smsc-ircc2

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Fri Jan 13 13:24:09 UTC 2006

Janne Jokitalo Wrote: 
> Hello list,


> I've been having problems getting IrDA to work with my mobile phone.
> I've

> googled around, and noticed that many others have the same problem;

> eventhough Windows detects and tells that the device is a SMC IrCC
> model,

> for which the smsc-ircc2 module should be the correct one, trying to
> load it

> fails:


> jaska at jjod600n:~$ sudo modprobe smsc-ircc2

> FATAL: Error inserting smsc_ircc2

> (/lib/modules/2.6.12-10-686/kernel/drivers/net/irda/smsc-ircc2.ko): No
> such

> device



I have a Toshiba Satellite P20 and had the same problem too. I noticed
from modinfo smsc-ircc2 that there is a series of parameters you can
pass to the module. However, I didn't know what values to set. But
there is a helpful project called smcinit which allowed me find out what
values I needed and the module then loaded without an error
message...well I'm not sure it works correctly (nothing to test with,
as my Nokia 3120 doesn't have an IR port!) but the dmesg output at
least gave some encouragement and the module is loaded.

Hope this helps.


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