Canon XS200 on Breezy

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Thu Jan 12 15:46:35 UTC 2006

J.Markoll wrote:
> Hello,
> Some friends have this printer and wonder if it could run under Ubuntu 
> Breezy. I told them that the Canon S200 is in the list of the 
> configuration interface, but that is is the only thing I know.
> Do someone have a canon model SX200 runnning under Ubuntu, and can say
> if it needs anything special to configure ?
> Thanks, Joyce Markoll.

Canon makes great printers.  If they had better Linux support I'd have 
bought one instead of the HP I recently decided upon buying.
But after some research I determined that Canon support under Linux was 
weak at best and only marginally better than Lexmark which pretty much 

Go to and click on the "Printer Listings" link 
on the left.  You'll be able to look up the printer (if it's there) and 
see what if any Linux support it has.

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