synaptic: not integrated with apt-listbug

Scott angrykeyboarder at
Thu Jan 12 15:40:20 UTC 2006

Leo Cacciari wrote:

> Before switching to Ubuntu, I was used to aptitude, and used apt-listbug in it.

It sounds like you should be using aptitude in Ubuntu as well then. :-)

> I installed apt-listbug on my system but when apt-listbug asks for user action 
> (i.e. when the bug list is not empty) synaptic is unaware of it, and so is the
> user unless he/she has the terminal window open.

I set my preferences in Synaptic to always open a terminal window.  I've 
found it handy for a number of reasons, including the use of apt-listbug.

> Wouldn't be possible that synaptic asked for interaction in much the same
> way it does for debconf dialogs? 
> I do not realy know if the problem is in synaptic or if it is a matter of 
> apt-listbug not using debconf-style dialogs. In the latter case obviously this
> bug should have been tagged against apt-listbug. Let me know if you need me
> to effectively post such a bug report.

I'd go ahead and file a bug report if I were you.  I agree, it would be 
nice for better integration, in spite of the fact that I'd not thought 
about it till now. :-)

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