Visudo invokes GNU nano rather than vi

neil woolford lists at
Thu Jan 12 12:11:49 UTC 2006

The last time I went near the sudoers file, the command sudo visudo
invoked (a customised) vi.  That was probably on Warty Warthog...

I've just been editing sudoers, and this time, on Breezy Badger, I'm
getting GNU nano as editor.

Can I change back to vi for this?  The visudo manpage says that vi is
the default unless a value is set in environment variables EDITOR or
VISUAL, both of which appear to be empty on my system, so I'm stumped as
to why this is happening.

I find nano, apart from being YAETL (yet another editor to learn) is
also slightly confusing for us poor users as it requires you to
explicitly consent to the saving of the lock file (sudoers.tmp) before
you get to save sudoers itself.  I don't recall vi (invoked visudo)
doing this.

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