imac xorg config

Alex Mandel tech_dev at
Thu Jan 12 08:40:51 UTC 2006

'Forum Post wrote:
> "video=ofonly" is a kernel parameter.  You can pass kernel parameters at
> boot time via yaboot/yaboot.conf, whether or not you've specified it as
> an option at install time.  This may be part of your problem.
> I've had Rage128 cards before (though not the same imac), and the
> things I think I tweaked were dri and fbdev in the x config file.
> If you're not comfortable in the terminal, you may have some difficulty
> editing the xorg.conf file manually.  It might be easiest to copy the
> xorg.conf file off the CD (if that worked) or try searching for
> "xorg.conf imac" and find someone else's config to use (assuming it's
> the same revision imac).
> Good luck!
I'm fine on terminal with vi. Just for kicks I redid the install without 
the option but had to leave it running unattended(yesterday) and haven't 
been back yet to check on it.

Could you send me what tweaks you made to the xorg conf file just in 
case I need them.

Thanks - Alex

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