SCSI Emulation

Old Rocker old.rocker at
Wed Jan 11 17:33:56 UTC 2006

I have two DVD drives, one of them a DVD/CD writer.  Both are ATAPI 

When I try to burn an .iso file with K3b, it appears to write OK, but 
nothing is written, and the disk shows up as a blank disk without 
anything having been written to it.

When I try with GCombust and XCDroast to burn the disks, neither 
recognise my burner as an scsi device.  Therefore no burning can take 

Now, it could be that I have a faulty burner, but I'd like to eliminate 
any software problems before I go down that route. I've googled for 
"scsi emulation" + ubuntu to see if there are any howtos on the 
subject, but I've drawn a blank.  I've tried searching the Ubuntu Wiki 
without much success.

Could anybody point me in the correct direction to get scsi emulation of 
my burner in Ubuntu/Kubuntu?  Or give me some idea how to acheive it?

Also scsi emulation was an option in the setup screen in Libranet, so it 
was easy to acheive.  What is the view of this list about it being 
included in Ubuntu....or is it?

Old Rocker

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