wireless with key encryption on Ubuntu

Mina Doroudi dormina at cc.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 11 15:40:58 UTC 2006

I saw your post in the git.unix.linux, that you have installed ubuntu on a
notebook? could you also use GT wireless with your note book?
because first time I installed it I was at home and the wep key was empty,
so  the wireless worked perfectly fine.
but now that I'm at school, I tried it so many times but it just doesn't pick
GT's wireless. I even reinstall ubuntu and it just doesn't accept any of the
keys during the installation and after that I tried to set it up through
GUI with these keys 0x3671a113a0, 3671a113a0 and 3671-a113-a0 but non
and when I was doing it through iwconfing typing the key as 671-a113-a0
wouldn't give me any error. but the wireless wouldn't start working

Thanks for your time,

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