python scripting support in OOo/breezy?

Matt Price matt.price at
Tue Jan 10 19:53:38 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

I'm trying to figure out how to get python scripting working in
Openoffice under breezy (currently using the Automatix-installed
OOo2.0.0 packages, but could easily switch back to beta or up to
debian's 2.0.1).  I want to write some python macros and embed them in a
document, but haven't been able to get OOo to see my scripts, either in
mut .opeonffice.org2/user/Scripts directory, or within a document.  I'm
following the directions at:
and have so far gotten the mosti nformation from push_me_python4.odt.
WHen I push on the button which calls the demonstration macro, I get
this error:  

A Scripting Framework error occurred while running the Python script$pushMe.

Message: The scripting language Python is not supported.  

I've looked in the bugs but haven't found anything yet.  nayone seen
this before/know what's going on?  Is this related to issues building
OOo2 with gcj?



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