Ubuntu on Mac mini as server

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Tue Jan 10 17:50:56 UTC 2006

On Jan 10, 2006, at 6:22 AM, john levin wrote:

> Charles Yao wrote:
>> Guys,
>> anyone tried installing ubuntu on a mac mini and use it as a  
>> server? I had
>> seen a few posts on the net that the mac mini could be used as a  
>> server and
>> wondered, what if Ubuntu was installed on the machine.
>> Charles
> Not tried it myself, but have heard that the mac mini is ideal for  
> using as a linux server. In fact, some webhosts specifically offer  
> minis with linux (eg: http://www.positive-internet.com/dolphin/ 
> dolphinmini.html).
> The main problem with the mini vis-a-vis linux was with the  
> soundcard; not a necessity for serving, and I believe most of these  
> problems have been sorted out.

I set up a Mac Mini to dual boot OS X and Ubuntu 5.10.  I haven't  
tried any sound applications but was disappointed to find out that  
the built-in AirPort wireless port uses a Broadcom chip for which  
there is no Linux driver  (there is an effort to create one--see  
<http://linux-bcom4301.sourceforge.net/go/links>).  Unfortunately  
ndiswrapper only works on Intel-based boxes.  I'll probably try a USB  
wireless adapter but have not yet done so.  It should make a good  
server,  With the FreeBSD underpinnings of OS X, this could be done  
without installing Linux.  A lot of the same applications which exist  
in Ubuntu can be installed on a Mini using Fink or Darwinports (I'm  
using mine as a desktop networked with some Ubuntu boxes rather than  
as a server, but have installed Pan, Pysol, OpenOffice.org, mc, etc.)

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