Evolution address book & calendar sync - laptop -> desktop

Olafur Arason olafra at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 05:42:09 UTC 2006

What you can do is use Evolution 2 -> Backup
And then push that change up to a webserver either by mounting
it with FUSE or something like that, there are a lot of diffrent
solutions and they depend on your access to server and your
ability to setup server your self. Then you do the same on the
other end Backup -> Evolution 2. And remember to turn on auto.
You can also use the start hidden options under Options and then
adding multisync to System->Preferences->Session->Starup Programs

Hope this helps.

Olafur Arason

2006/1/7, Steven Heimann <steven at heimann.com.au>:
> I am trying to set up a system to syncronise my address book and
> calendar in Evolution between my desktop and my laptop.
> Multisync seems to be the answer but I can only get it to work when I
> have access to both keyboards concurrently.  (Often the laptop is at
> home and the desktop at work)  Has anyone had any success using this or
> any other setup?
> I have set up multisync on both machines as follows
> Desktop sync pair : Evolution 2 -> Syncml with syncml in accept
> connection mode
> Laptop sync pair :  Syncml -> Evolution with syncml in connect to syncml
> server mode.
> I have set up matching usernames and passwords.
> It seems to me that I should be able to leave multisync running on the
> desktop and just select sync on the laptop and it will syncronise the
> address book and calendar.
> It will work, but only sometimes, and only if I first press sync on the
> laptop and then press sync on the desktop.  This is pretty useless if
> you don't have physical access to both machines at the same time.
> I am also having trouble understanding the multisync setup options.  In
> the main syncronisation pair configuration screen you can select you can
> select calendar/ address book and tasks.  These options seem also
> selectable under the options screen for the evolution connector.  Does
> anyone know what effects these options have and does one override the
> other?
> I can't find any useful documentation and the multisync mailing list
> archives look pretty useless so I thought I would try here.
> I have temporarily solved the problem by copying the relevant files from
> one computer to the other but this is not very elegant and not really
> suitable for my users who I am weaning off Windows and Lotus Notes.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you
> Steven
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