Some kind of general re-install necessary after power outage?

Dave M G martin at
Mon Jan 9 13:48:53 UTC 2006

Ubuntu Users,

	I had a general power outtage the other day. As a result, my computer
went off without going through a proper shut down procedure.

	It seems to have messed with some settings. I've lost access to my
sound card, and my trash bin icon has disappeared. Overall, there's
nothing that big going on, and I'm not sure if the power outage could
have caused such strange and minor effects. I'm only connecting them
because of the timing, not from any understanding of how the system

	I'm wondering if and how I can do some kind of re-install for the
purpose of ensuring my system is free from corrupted settings.

	What would be the best way to handle this?

	Any advice would be much appreciated. Please keep in mind I'm a
linux/Ubuntu newbie so I'd need explicit instructions.

Dave M G

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