Locking the Desktop

J.Markoll j.markoll at free.fr
Mon Jan 9 05:04:56 UTC 2006

David A. Cobb a écrit :
> Running UBUNTU Hoary, GNOME 2.10.0
> Please advise me which screen-locking application to use to make "New 
> Login" available.  It was working, but a recent update has left it so 
> that only the user who locked the desktop can unlock it; a different 
> user cannot start a new session.
May I ask you to be more accurate in your question ? do you mean another 
user locked the session, you have to unlock it ? Call the administrator. 
If it is you, I think become root and change password for that user 
could do it.
I don't understand what the update did in locking... either we lock the
screen or we end a session, so which one ?  :)

> If it matters (as it may), I also find I cannot switch out to one of the 
> virtual consoles.
Don't know. It may depend on some machine components (something to add
to the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst).
Or it may need a BIOS update (but don't do it by yourself the first time 
if you are a beginner).
Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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