BlueZ: is there such a thing as documentation?

Michael Richter ttmrichter at
Sun Jan 8 08:51:21 UTC 2006

> As for file sending, I think that's where gnome-bluetooth comes in.
> Start it from the System Tools menu and something should show up in the
> tray/notification area.

Something  does, yes, but it does very little.  Indeed when I have my phone
scan for services all it can find is "object push" available.  So I can send
one file at a time to my system here if I want to.  But there's no browsing
capability, no sending files to the phone, etc.

On the other side, phone manager now works.  (For some reason I needed to
reboot before it would connect.)  But it, too, is a little bit
underwhelming.  It allows me to send SMS messages from my computer.  Which
is cool -- don't get me wrong -- but still not quite the same as what I was
able to do under Windows with what is generally acknowledged to be very
low-quality Bluetooth software.

Trying to read what little docs come with BlueZ, I see that there's a
framework in place that could support a lot of cool functionality.  But the
gnome tools that are here don't seem to do much.  Am I missing some or am I
just being thick when trying to use them?
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