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Sat Jan 7 20:33:12 UTC 2006

Emerzen Wrote: 
> Charles,
> I double checked my reference about filling the harddrive, which isn't
> exactly the error.  The problem is w/ filling your root
> directory/partition.  If it's greater than 90% full, you can have
> problems.  This doesn't explain why Windows won't boot though?  I have
> to agree w/ the above poster...I'd boot from Knoppix and explore your
> hard drive a bit.  If you can't boot Knoppix, it's likely a problem
> other than harddrive.  If it does boot and you can read/write to your
> harddrive, then it's a software problem.  If you can boot Knoppix but
> are unable to read/write to the's probably the drive. 
> Here's a link to Knoppix in case you don't have a copy. 
> .
Can you boot into safe mode in Windows and do a recovery from the
recovery console? If you didn't install the recovery console in Win,
just put in the Win Cd reboot and hit F-8 Read the instuctions Heres a
link to that:;en-us;307654 and

or Google it if those instructions won't work for you.


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