Alternatives to ubuntu?

Alessandro a24 at
Sat Jan 7 13:15:30 UTC 2006

I've run Gentoo as my main Linux distro for years now and I love it.  It
is incredibly fast ( you should look into how to optimize GCC for your
particular architecture ), and plus you're not stuck with just having
Gnome or KDE, you get no X whatsoever.  You should look into Fluxbox,
Enlightenment or XFCE-4 if your box is slow.

Anyways, try out doing a Level 1 Gentoo install and you won't regret it.

~alessandro FErrucci

On Sat, 2006-01-07 at 01:45 -0600, N6REJ wrote:
> Filip Svendsen wrote:
> > I realize this is probably one of the worst possible places to ask
> > this, but I'm looking for an alternative to Ubuntu. My problem is that
> > the interface feels so incredibly sluggish. I'm not talking about
> > startup times of apps, which really doesn't bother me at all; it's the
> > responsiveness of apps after they've started. In particular firefox is
> > incredibly slow, compared to under windows 2000.
> >
> > I really don't want to go back to windows again, so I'm interested in
> > if anybody knows how well gnome and firefox runs under for example
> > gentoo?
> > Are their other performance-minded distros out there?
> > --
> > Venlig hilsen
> > Filip Svendsen
> >
> >   
> my choice was to switch to KDE.  Made an instant difference.
> Troy

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