Ion3 a good light GUI.

Arlen Christian Mart Cuss celtic at
Fri Jan 6 06:05:04 UTC 2006

Hey Joyce,

Good to see people using ion3.

I think you'll find splitting windows and other keybindings can be 
helpful at times - my most used key would be F2; open a new terminal. 
This is a tad faster than using the memory! If you use `apt-cache 
search' from a command line, you can try searching for your applications 
that way.

Some more helpful commands include F3 to run a command without opening a 
terminal - such as konqueror. Alt+C will close your current window, 
helpful to not have to use the mouse :) Alt+S splits the current frame 
in half horizontally, `Alt+K, S' will split it vertically. Alt+R enters 
resize mode (press a cursor key to extend in that direction, 
shift+cursor key to retract!). `Alt+K, N' and `Alt+K, P' for next and 
previous frame respectively. `Alt+N' and `Alt+P' will let you move up 
and down between horizontally split frames.

Workspaces are helpful: I keep my GAIM buddy list, terminal from which I 
play music, and Thunderbird in a separate workspace. Press F9 to create 
a workspace (press enter twice at the prompts to make it unnamed); Alt+, 
and Alt+. (comma and period) move between workspaces. Alt+C on the last 
empty frame in a workspace which isn't your last will destroy it.

I hope this helps you some!

 - Arlen.

J.Markoll wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I wanted to say and remind to all who have more or less trouble with 
> the speed and efficiency of their machine, that under Linux 
> distributions we can have multiple GUI's installed and login either on 
> one or on the other.
> I installed Ion3 a few weeks ago already now, and when running several 
> greedy applications at same time, such as Thunderbird, Firefox, plus 
> Blender and Galeon, just now, Ion3 allows my machine not to get 
> stocked with a freezed GUI.
> I just changed session and not even necessery to start the connexion 
> again, it's all in the same state where I left the other session, 
> except for the GUI.
> To start under Ion3 the command is F12 which leads to a very small 
> menu from which I run a terminal. (Menu/Programs/Run a terminal, menu 
> navigation with arrows and with the escape key) I don't use any of the 
> tricks of the key bindings and not even splitting windows.
> The terminal takes the whole screen as well as the application's 
> interfaces, and it is very comfortable. I have to remember what 
> applications are installed, or I run Synaptic incase I need to check 
> about one. Particularly as apps and commands for apps don't always 
> have the same name  :(
> To open one more tab it's with mouse or with Ctrl+Shift, and all 
> applications open in new tabs beside one to the other. To close an app 
> a right click on one tab offers menus, among which 'close tab'.
> Nothing more easy, elegant, and light!  :)
> No, it's not difficult tu run for a newbie. My 5 years old son starts 
> learning to write in Ion3. He invokes 'pingus', 'supertux', and 
> 'ppracer', he just comes to me and ask 'and after, which letter is it ?'
> :)
> To browse the files I use once the terminal, once Konqueror, that I 
> installed alone without Kde. I invoque 'konqueror &' the '&' allowing 
> to keep the process in  background, but it does not always free the 
> terminal, curiously in this case. Never mind, many tabs can be opened 
> in the same window.
> My machine has 512 Mo memory that I have tested twice with the Gimp 
> torture test successfully. The very greedy I see when running qps 
> (which is nice and light) are Gnome, and Xorg. So Xorg I can't change, 
> but Gnome is good enough to do things like listen to music and surf on 
> the web, not much more on 'only' 512 Mo, appearently (I already 
> commented two tty over 4 in the /etc/inittab file, a few days ago, to 
> gain a little).
> Under Ion3 also I can listen to music, but I'm not used to do 
> everything with it yet. A matter of habbits  :)
> Best greetings, Joyce Markoll.

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