Breezy, cups, hp-toolbox and OpenOffice.org2: printing issues

golfer golfbuf at
Fri Jan 6 04:22:53 UTC 2006

On 10/6/05, Doug M-C <lists at> wrote:
> Also, hp-toolbox is not finding the printer. A dialog comes up
> saying that there is no cups printer set up!
> Any clues? This is a fairly critical issue for me.

Yes, when you create the printer with the print manager, on the screen
where you specify the device, you should tab down to the fill in line
and insert the hp:uri that appears when you run 'hp-info' in the
command line.  On mine, it's:

 Using device: hp:/usb/PSC_1400_series?serial=CN58N2217S04GM

Once you enter this, you may find that the next screen fails to load
all available ppd's, so just hit the button to enter the specific
file, in my case:


Now, hp-toolbox will see the printer.

> Thanks,
> Doug

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