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Scott angrykeyboarder at angrykeyboarder.com
Thu Jan 5 21:20:27 UTC 2006

Frank McCormick wrote:
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> The new version of OO won't install here - broken pipes are killing the process.

I've had the broken pipe problem with a number of apps. OpenOffice.org 
fortunately wasn't one of them.

As far as the pipe issue, I tried:

$ sudo apt-get install plumber

but got a response of:

E: Couldn't find package plumber ;-)

[sorry, couldn't resist. ;-) ]

> AAMF I had to go to Synaptic to get the new update-notifier installed - the old UN kept holding it back for some reason. Also discovered in Synaptic that a whole bunch of stuff had not been setup during the last update. But Synaptic took care of it. The remaining problem is OpenOffice.

I'm not sure what the problem is with apt-get via the command line, but 
I've been finding a whole bunch of packages held back as well.  When I 
used Synaptic, that problem didn't occur.  I suppose I'm missing 
something from my "apt-get" command.

> BTW Dapper is strangely stable at this point. It may be considered Alpha but it runs like a champ here! Good work guys!

Yep, I've been amazed at how stable it is.  I'm being a bad boy and 
using it as my one-and-only OS for the past 10 days or so and I've had 
nothing significant problem-wise.

In fact it's better than Breezy due to the more current packages and 
that I can now install a bunch of KDE themes packaged for Debian sid, 
that weren't installable with Breezy.

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