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Wed Jan 4 17:11:51 UTC 2006

Tommy Trussell a =E9crit :
> On 1/3/06, Michael Richter <ttmrichter at> wrote:

>>>You didn't say whether you set up the hosts and client files... until
>>>you create those, it does nothing. (You have to specify what clients
>>>get backed up and by what mechanism.)
>> The problem is that there's nothing  to set this up with: the web
>>functionality is absent.  I go to the port 8080  specified in the docum=
>>and ... connection is refused.  I run nmap and it says nothing's there.=
>>how do I administer this without the administration interface?
> Yes, that would be confusing. In order to have a web interface
> Backuppc requires Apache (the web server) set up, as described at

> and as you can see it also requires the mod:perl extensions and setup.
>  But it still doesn't "DO" anything until it's set up.. I don't
> believe you can "administer" much through the web interface ... at
> least when I had it running I didn't=20
> -- I had to make all the changes
> to the host and client configuration files.
 > All I remember doing from
 > the web interface was kick off manual backups or do manual restores
 > from existing scripts.

You didn't look the right way I think. I didn't all of the doc although=20
it would have been better. I installed it on my laptop. I did some=20
stupid changes in the xserver-xorg conf file a pair of weeks later, and=20
didn't know how to get it back in the original shape. I got it back with =

backuppc : the /etc/files are configured natively by default  :)

The menu for access is a little bit hidden, in one of the lines in the=20
left column, on the admin web page. Just browse.

The configuration to add certain folders of the system is also reachable =

from this web admin page, even one has to get familiar with it.

Am I out of topic ? is that what you were talking about or some other
types of configurations ?
Joyce Markoll.

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